“Sinfonia”, with its technology, sums up the 3 main thermal principles according to GIME:
Armonia program: your blend, the perfect temperature
Separation of heat sources
Thermal flexibility and stability: PID technology

Armonia program, by GIME, enables the maximum expression of the Italian espresso supply. With “Sinfonia” GIME, along with the temperature control PID system, and with the separation of the heat system, has created a flexible machine enhancing each single coffee quality. This new frontier has optimized the extraction process of the espresso coffee, creating the best balance between bend and machine.

Sinfonia is also an example of perfect harmony between elegance and technology of the latest generation. The combination between lights and shadows on the surfaces highlights the line of the machine underlining the typical Italian design and a graphic display constantly indicating the status of the machine.

Available in the following colors:
Exclusively for Concept Bar

Technical features

  • 3.3 Kg. brassy Group
  • PID temperature control system.
  • Heat sources separation.
  • Coffee boiler temperature control system.
  • Steam boiler temperature control system.
  • Group temperature control system.
  • Cup warmer temperature control system.
  • Graphic display with multifunctional touch pad.
  • Ubs connection for meter reading.
  • Volumetric pump of 100L.
  • Steam professional taps.
  • No kinking

Safety and Functions

  • Safety probe for water level in coffee boiler.
  • Safety probe for water level in steam boiler.
  • Heat group sensor alarm.
  • Coffee boiler heat sensor alarm.
  • Steam boiler heat sensor alarm.
  • Sensor alarm cup warmer heat.
  • Steam boiler security thermostat with manual reset.
  • Coffee boiler security thermostat with manual reset.
  • Group security thermostat with manual reset.
  • Cup warmer security thermostat with automatic reset.
  • Group on/off control.
  • Safety power relay.
  • Short circuit protection in control unit.
  • Touchpad keyboard controlling cup warmer temperature.
  • Electrical absorption management.
  • Boiler time out.
  • ARMONIA Program.
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