The range of Espresse S.A. products includes espresso coffee in grain, ground, decaffeinated, espresso servings, capsules, filter coffee ground and in portions, chocolate, tea, chamomile tea, biscuits, sugar (white, black and saccharin), honey, syrups and serving various types.

We have the following varieties of coffee:

IL TOP, EXTRA BAR, SOAVE, TOMOKA and our own range of coffee, the ESPRESSE SPECIALTY.

The grain and ground coffee must be kept tightly closed in airtight containers away from moisture and in shade. Also in grain coffee, it is important to cut the exact amount based on our needs.


  1. Coffee portioli espresso
  2. Coffee portioli lungo
  3. Coffee portioli decaffeinato
  4. Coffee portioli honduras
  5. Coffee portioli India

This is stated on every product, provided that it has not been opened.


This depends on the variety of coffee you have selected.

All coffees contain caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee has been elaborated to minimize the quantity of caffeine contained.


Our company, Espresse S.A., is very sensitive in contributing to the protection of our environment. You can bring your used capsules to selected points from where we will receive them and forward them to specialized recycle companies, we cooperate with. For more information you can contact our Customer Care department.


The GruppoPortioli is the only company that has its own espresso machines – for professional use the GIME and for office or home the espresso Miss P, Vera and the Vera Vapore machines.

You can call us during working hours in the following number:  +30 210-6722615 or +30 210-6777262.

Alternatively, if you are in Athens, you can pass through our Miss P shop: 20, Adrianeiou Str. Neo Psychiko, PC 11525 during working hours.

You can contact our Customer Care number (found below and in our website) and we will indicate to you the relevant store or agent in your area.

The instructions for the proper use and maintenance of our coffee machines are described analytically in the relevant manuals that you received when you purchased your coffee machine. Following the instructions you will enjoy gourmet coffee every day for many years. For more information you can call our Customer Care department.

Initially you can contact us in order to give some instructions by phone. If your problem is not resolved, then we will plan for an appointment to inspect your coffee machine in your place.


You can contact our Customer Care department and tell us (we suggest to choose first from our website), the codes that you wish to order.


You can call us in the following number:  +30 210 6722615 or send us an email at: papas@espresse.gr


You can visit our website -in the career section, where you will find the corresponding form.
Alternatively you can send your CV to the email address: papas@espresse.gr – noting the subject: Job Application.