A line of pure tea with whole leaves for a hot relaxing break. Four varieties: Green Tea, Earl Grey, Ceylon and Chamomile Tea, to be discovered enclosed in hand-stitched and 100% biodegradable filters.


After a long journey from the uplands of Sri Lanka to our cups, these precious leaves give us a classic tea. Orange to dark copper in colour, this Ceylon has an enticing scent of mandarin and a delicate taste.

Box with 25 filters

Earl Grey Bergamotto

Known all over the world, this is the right drink for a cheerful awakening in the morning thanks to its full fruity and flavoured taste. Our Earl Grey is made of high quality black tea enriched with Calabrian bergamot essence.

Box with 25 filters


The most famous and relaxing herbal tea is obtained from the beautiful flowers of chamomile. If drunk before going to sleep it will make our dreams more peaceful with its sweetness.

Box with 25 filters

Tè verde

This green tea is obtained only from the soft leaves of the plant. It has a taste similar to that of bitter chestnut. Its fragrance is mostly toasted and herbaceous.

Box with 25 filters

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